INCaNToR + SK-1!!

Speak N Sound Weird Bent SK-1 Bent SK-1
These sound crazy, kind of like melting dumptrucks underwater with a little bit of tiger fighting buffalo. The SK-1 has 19 switches, 3 knobs, and 2 buttons. More soon...

The Shortest Lived Longest Project

Lauren and I worked for many many weekends on this project. Earlier we construct-ulated a system with a big white screen for projecting movies on the wall (easily the second longest project). It emits a big white blah. The idea was to roll up some kind of art instead of rolling up the screen, which is better when fixed and stretched to the wall. Birds were born. After going overboard with an electric motor, remote control, led's, lead sinkers (from out of state), fabrics, rubber, and more, I destroyed the birds on their first test run, and the subsequent fit of rage untangling the heap of knots. Here.

Dual Monitor Wallpaper

A collage I made a long time ago just in case your desktop spans two monitors. Mine doesn't so I center this one.
Just wanted to share.


I am the dreaded MIA squirrel skull. Dread me. Click me.

Untitled Font

In progress is this as of yet untitled and unfinished font. The guiding principles have been: 1) avoiding flamboyance and 2) the particular letter can stand on its own. Everything was progressing smoothly and I was able to produce a letter a night, and hopefully a complete font in about a month, that is until "G". G wrecked the whole operation. Thanks G. As you can see by the scrawled "Do Over" I was not happy with this one. Other projects creeped in and the font creeped to a halt. So I am soliciting suggestions for a name, and hopefully constructive comments so that one day, I could type emails with letters inked by hand.


Make your own Burning Squirrel M.I.A. T-shirt!


Help support a band you have never heard of and probably never will.
Important Update!

1. click on burning squirrel.
2. download picture.
3. print
4. cut out
5. stick on something. glue, tape, staple, etc. . .
6. repeat

Oxalis regnellii 'Triangularis'

(Purple and Black False Shamrock) Oxalis regnellii triangularis like cool air and moist soil while they are growing. A suitable compost for shamrocks consists of 2 parts peat moss to 1 part loam to 1 part sand. Bright indirect light is best, but they will grow in lower light levels. Fertilize weekly while they are growing with a balanced fertilizer. No matter what you do, they will seem at times to be unhealthy and lose their leaves. When this happens, they are "tired," so let them "rest." Shamrocks are bulbs, and they require a dormant period every once in a while. Restrict all watering. As with any bulb, let the leaves die back naturally. Do not remove any leaves until they are brown. Let the bulbs stay dormant for 3 to 4 weeks, then water and fertilize. In most indoor-grown shamrocks, this dormant period occurs 2 to 3 times a year.
Click here for 14 hours in 7 seconds.


Night Photos from the Farm

cellar porch night mayor

I went home this weekend and took some digital pictures before an oncoming storm. I thought of how handy my mini-tripod would be as I tried to balance the camera on various fenceposts and stumps for the 15 second exposure, all before it started to pour and my battery ran out. The chubby guy smoking in short-shorts is my Dad's Armenian houseguest, who is a mayor.

New Music! Click here ----> song1 song2

This is some music I am experimenting with, but not quite experimental music. "These songs are terrible" you may say, and you are right for now. However, it is not easy to play dozens of instruments. So now that I have proven myself master of the raw technique, as evidenced by my dope beats, you should get ready for my first album, available in stores soon. Working on my first solo album will be tough, as I am responsible for all the sounds, production, artwork, equipment rental, and other stuff. But it will be worth it when these dope beats hit the street.

about zac


+FLEAHEART+ Custom screenprinted shirts and posters. Made in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

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*FROM151.COM is the internet home of Andrew Woodrum. It provides a container for architecture, collage, drawings, photos, and music that would otherwise remain lost and uncollected. The site was originally conceived as a way to distrubute public postcards From 151 Kent Ave, my first home in New York, but is gradually becoming a project of its own.